Addressing Antigen Escape With CD19/20 Bispecific CAR

What is the CD19/20 Bispecific CAR

Chimeric antigen receptor (CAR) T cell therapies are now benefiting many patients with hematological malignancies with very high overall response rates.

However, despite this early success of anti-CD19 CAR T therapy, disease relapse poses a significant challenge because only about 40% of patients have durable complete remission.

At ImmPACT Bio, we are exploring next-generation CAR T cell therapies to improve outcomes for these patients.

What causes disease relapse

A major cause of disease relapse is CD19 antigen loss post CAR T therapy.

ImmPACT’s CD19/20 Bispecific CAR will help prevent relapse

To overcome this, ImmPACT Bio has developed a dual-targeted CAR T cell therapy that recognizes more than one antigen to prevent relapse. ImmPACT’s lead clinical-stage program employs a bispecific CAR that has been meticulously engineered to optimally target both CD19 and CD20, two antigens present on B-cell lymphoma.

A phase-I clinical trial evaluating this novel anti-CD19/CD20 CAR T cell therapy to treat relapsed/refractory B-cell lymphoma is continuing to recruit patients.

Here is how our CD19/20 CAR technology works